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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook
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Susan Peterson Gateley

Susan writes and sails on Lake Ontario and has a Masters degree in fisheries science. Her first book Ariel's World dealt with the recent environmental history of Lake Ontario and was used as a supplemental text in an undergraduate course at Oswego State University. Now out of print, this well received book is still available at many Pioneer Library branches throughout the region and its success prompted several additional nonfictions works on the lake. She also writes magazine articles for various regional and national circulation publications on country life, sailing, and nature.

Peterson Gateley sails with her husband aboard their 32 foot sloop Titania on Fair Haven Bay and she enjoys gardening, beach combing and paddling her homemade kayak. Peterson Gateley also offers boat rides and sailing instruction to the public through her seasonal business Silver Waters Sailing.

Visit her website for more information on her various activities at www.silverwaters.com or email her at susan@silverwaters.com See her at Forget Me Not tots Wolcott April 1 from 1 to 3 pm

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