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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook
  Lake Ontario

Products inspired by and created from Lake Ontario and its shores.

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Maritime Tales of Lake Ontario

Shipwrecks and survival on an inland sea

Shipwrecks are a part of Lake Ontario's history. But so is innovation, wealth building, heroism, and bungling on a grand scale. You'll find examples of each of these actions in this collection of historic incidents and personalities who once worked on and by the waters of this Great Lake between 1728 and the present. Sail the lake of the past with Admiral Rene La Force, a tough and cunning survivor of the French and Indian War, and with Captain James Van Cleve, a pioneer of steam navigation, businessman, and historian. Walk the waterfront in the days of canvas, pine tar, and wooden schooners, visit the lake's loneliest island once a summer home to one of the world's most powerful men, and explore the St. Lawrence Seaway-boon or boondoggle to millions, in this collection by author sailor Susan Peterson Gateley. Illustrated with numerous photos and artwork

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Mirages Monsters Myths and Mysteries of Lake Ontario by Susan Peterson Gateley

Shove off for another exciting voyage of discovery on a great lake with Lake Ontario author Susan Peterson Gateley. Search for monsters, seek out fifty pound salmon, enjoy ghost stories, tales of love, mystery and tragedy as told by one of the lake�s foremost contemporary storytellers. Paperback, 89 pages
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Muskrat Ramble On Sterling Creek by Susan Peterson Gateley

Journey with naturalist Peterson Gateley as your guide  on this paddling tour through the secret world of Sterling Creek Marsh, a beautiful and mysterious land. The book details natural and historical aspects of the area. Meet the hermit of Sterling Creek and his many nonhuman neighbors on this voyage through one of the lake's largest wetlands.
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Passages On Inland Waters by Susan Peterson Gateley

Journey with the Jesuits on Lake Ontario, sail on a schooner during the great gale of 1880, take a night passage aboard the sloop Titania to a special small island, discover the last U.S.-Canadian lake commerce and explore North America's most famous canal with author-sailor Susan Peterson Gateley. 144 Pages, Paperback More info
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self-guided Bay Tour of Little Sodus Bay

The Elizabeth E. Self Guided Bay Tour by land or by Sea by Susan Peterson Gateley

This 16 page booklet details 19 points of interest around Fair Haven's bay. Historical locations, their stories and interesting people and events around Fair Haven's bay are featured.Illustrated with twenty historical black and white  photographs. Explore a shallow water shipwreck, follow in the wake of bootleggers and ship captains, and if you dare-cross the "River Styx"with your kayak or small motor or sail boat.

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