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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook

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Quest For Hope DVD of video

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Saving the Beautiful Lake a quest for hope

The Great Lakes are truly inland seas. A fifth of our

planet's surface fresh water resides within them. They have

shaped the destinies of two nations and built vast wealth.

Yet they are in trouble.

And of all the Great Lakes, Ontario is the worst off. Its

story is the story of freshwater everywhere, beset by

conflicting demands, industrial legacies of pollution and

energy production, and ever increasing human needs.

This lake can still be at least partly restored. But we are running out of time to do so.

This is an environmental case study of Lake Ontario, the

most polluted great lake- how it got that way, what is being

done and what more must be done to restore it.

Reader Comments on Saving The Beautiful Lake

Disconcerting ” D.R, Texas

Very Interesting” J.S., New York

Impressive” J.B., New York

“Good stuff here” P. B., Ontario Province

$ 25.00 book
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self-guided Bay Tour of Little Sodus Bay

The Elizabeth E. Self Guided Bay Tour by land or by Sea by Susan Peterson Gateley

This 16 page booklet details 19 points of interest around Fair Haven's bay. Historical locations, their stories and interesting people and events around Fair Haven's bay are featured.Illustrated with twenty historical black and white  photographs. Explore a shallow water shipwreck, follow in the wake of bootleggers and ship captains, and if you dare-cross the "River Styx"with your kayak or small motor or sail boat.

$ 3.00
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Stub Of Pencil & Back Of Envelope To Computer by Bernard Craine

hard cover 2002 36 pages with photos When Craine began farming in the 1920s book keeping consisted of figures scribbled on a barn door back or scrap of paper. Craine once knew each cow by name and went from plowing two acres a day with a team to the 1990s as a farmer. His 75 years of memories are a rich source of information for anyone interested in a time before factory farming and best management practices.
$ 12.00 1
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Sweet Waters

Originally published in 1998, Sweet Waters is again available by special order.

This 127 page paperback collection of sailing, fishing romance and adventure stories includes a section of photographs of the Sodus Bay area from 1900 to 1960 by Bill Huff. Old Salts, artists, dreamers, marsh rats and more share their stories of commercial netting, bootlegging, their first boat, and other adventure. Also featured are a number of stories from the log book of the good little yacht Ariel, immortalized in Ariel's World An Exploration Of Lake Ontario, Peterson Gateley's first book that is now out of print. 127 pages with artwork and photos by the author and photos by Bill Huff.

$ 15.00 book
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The Affordable Yacht How To Buy A Sailboat On A Budget-An Ebook

A short ebook of approximately 30 pages printed in 6 inch by 8 inch format that helps dreamers and doers get afloat and go now. This booklet will help you find a cheap boat, evaluate her condition and value, and describes some of the best models of boats for budget minded buyers. Information on getting her surveyed, insured, and ways to save money after you buy and now need gear for the boat is also included. The author has over 30 years of experience as a budget boater sailing a 19 foot open boat for ten years, a 23 foot wooden sloop for another 17 years and then on a 1968 32 foot sloop. She has supported her sailing since 1981 through writing and since 1997 with charters. The companion book Sailing On A Shoestring is also available as an ebook. The Affordable Yacht is available as a pdf file download. For a doc file compatible with Microsoft word via e mail attachment contact susan@silverwaters.com
$ 3.00 book
0.50 lb
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The Edgewalker's Guide To Lake Ontario Beach Combing by Susan Peterson Gateley

Thousands of acres of public land and miles of shoreline along Lake Ontario invite your exploration. The Edgewalker's Guide To Lake Ontario Beach Combing tells you where to go and how to get there to explore two dozen public places and little known beaches. It also highlights features such as swim beaches, and good paddling waters, seasonal and historical points of interest, and geological highlights. The area covered includes Wayne, Cayuga, Oswego, and southern Jefferson Counties. Paperback, 158 pages, 44 photos, maps
$ 17.00
1.00 lb
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Twinkle Toes and The Riddle of the Lake

A cat's place is at home in her garden not out on a great lake getting wet or so thinks Twinkle Toes when she's shanghaied aboard the yacht Ariel for a cruise to Canada along with her mother Dusty and her cousin Miss Piggy. But then Twink learns of a mystery and the quickest way to get home is to solve it. In her quest for knowledge, Twink and the rest of the crew have to elude the Wind Witch of the Lake and find their way to Main Duck Island the most remote island on the lake. Unfortunately, Skipper Sue is a lousy navigator...

Riddle includes Skipper Sue's notebook, a collection of short environmental and historical articles for grownups and advanced readers. Part One is written at a 5 to 6 grade reading level, Part Two (like all my books) is at about grade 7 level.

223 pages illustrated paperback, glossary, and references

It begins as a delightful tale of sailing as seen from the perspective of pet cats, but becomes a serious wake-up call alerting about the dangers facing one of our most precious natural resources..."
Jeffrey C. Freedman, Ph.D., SUNY Upstate Medical University and Past Commodore, Onondaga Yacht Club;

Great effort. I loved it. Jean Siracusa ecologist

A quirky fun book that made me think about the lake. Steven C ( student)

$ 15.95
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walking tour of Fair Haven NY

Take a self guided stroll of about 45 minutes  through the historic Cottage Farm District of Fair Haven village with this 12 page black and white  pamphlet with photos. Savor nearly two centuries of history-hotels, churches, and 19th century homes including the nomadic Sabin Cottage that has stood at three different locations so far. Also includes modern day tourist attractions. Illustrated with photos
$ 3.00
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