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Saving the Beautiful Lake a quest for hope
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Saving the Beautiful Lake a quest for hope

The Great Lakes are truly inland seas. A fifth of our planet's surface fresh water resides within them. They have shaped the destinies of two nations and built vast wealth.

Yet they are in trouble.

And of all the Great Lakes, Ontario is the worst off. Its story is the story of freshwater everywhere, beset by conflicting demands, industrial legacies of pollution and energy production, and ever increasing human needs.

This lake can still be at least partly restored. But we are running out of time to do so.

This is an environmental case study of Lake Ontario, the most polluted great lake- how it got that way, what is being done and what more must be done to restore it.

Reader Comments on Saving The Beautiful Lake

Disconcerting ” D.R, Texas

Very Interesting” J.S., New York

Impressive” J.B., New York

“Good stuff here” P. B., Ontario Province


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